Global magnetic field strength has decreased by 9%, will Earth go the same way as Mars?

Earth’s magnetic field is an indispensable protective layer for life on Earth, but in recent years European scientists have been monitoring and realizing its strength is waning. Will Earth follow the same path as Mars in the future?

Earth’s magnetic field is Earth’s protective clothing

Do you know why the earth can be full of life and our lives are colorful? That’s because the dense atmosphere in the sky prevents us from the harmful effects of UV radiation.

But in fact, there is an extraterrestrial force that we cannot see with the naked eye, which is also protecting the earth all the time, this is the earth’s magnetic field.

We honor the sun because it brings light and warmth to the earth. But in fact, the sun is still constantly emitting high-energy particles to form the solar wind, and the solar wind will rush towards the earth with high-energy particles that are harmful to the earth.

For example, the power system will be paralyzed, radio communications will be disrupted, the navigation of ships or aircraft at sea will be faulty; even artificial satellites were removed, etc.

Due to the existence of the earth’s magnetic field, it intercepts most of the high-energy particles brought by the solar wind and sends them to the polar regions of the earth, effectively reducing the magnitude of the disaster, and at the same time forming the beautiful spectacle of the aurora.

What warning about a decrease in the strength of the global magnetic field?

In 2020, European media reported that after decades of monitoring and research, researchers found that the strength of the Earth’s global magnetic field had decreased by about 9%. The study also found that the magnetic field strength decreased most significantly in the regions of South America and Africa in the Southern Hemisphere.

In fact, this is not the first time this phenomenon has been discovered by humans. Previously, an artificial satellite called “Astez” tracked the sky above the Arctic and South Pacific oceans of the Earth, the Earth’s magnetic field was almost weak enough to have a “hole” in the magnetic field. .

So, what warning does the Earth’s decline in the magnetic field warn humanity?

Scientists have discovered that this decrease in magnetic field strength is likely a precursor to a reversal of the Earth’s north and south magnetic poles.

The age of the earth is nearly 4.6 billion years, through research scientists have found that the earth’s magnetic pole has indeed undergone a magnetic polarity reversal in history, and this magnetic pole reversal phenomenon repeated hundreds of times. Scientists predict that a magnetic pole reversal is likely to happen this century, which is 780,000 years after the last one.

Scientists also said that since ancient times, the earth has not completely lost its magnetic field in the reverse magnetic field, even if the magnetic field is reversed, the weaker magnetic field can still protect the earth to a certain extent. determined. But scientists speculate that the continued weakening of the magnetic field brings different experiences to life.

In fact, the compass may be temporarily useless on that day, because even in the area with the highest magnetic field strength, the magnetic field strength is too weak for the compass to work.

Due to the overall weakening of the earth’s magnetic field, great auroras will also occur at lower latitudes of the earth, and the sky near the earth’s equator will become brighter.

In addition, the weak magnetic field will weaken the ozone layer, which will increase the risk of human exposure to ultraviolet rays, which will increase the likelihood of human skin cancer.

Is Earth going the way of Mars?

Earth’s magnetic field is the magnetic field distributed in space around the earth. But why the earth generates a magnetic field is always a topic of constant research and many theories have been put forward.

After years of observation and experimentation, the “arising body theory” was accepted. In a nutshell, the theory believes that the conductive liquid inside the earth when flowing will create a steady current, and this current creates the earth’s magnetic field.

According to this theory, if one day the flow of conductive fluid slows down or even stops, the earth’s magnetic field will weaken or even disappear forever. If we continue to follow this line of thinking, will the earth really go the old way of Mars in the future?

Just imagine, if the conductive fluid in the earth’s core gradually slowed down for some unexplained reason, and this slowing down trend was unidirectional and irreversible. At that time, the strength of the earth’s magnetic field will weaken according to the trend, as this slowing trend continues, the earth’s magnetic field will disappear when the earth and the conductive liquid inside stop for a certain day. Future.

If the earth’s magnetic field disappears, the earth will be exposed to the solar wind and cosmic rays without any protection, which will bring devastating disaster to the earth.

First of all, solar storms directly interfere with aircraft in space and cause anomalies; solar wind will directly impact our atmosphere and blow it away, so all life on earth will suffer direct damage from cosmic radiation.

Cosmic radiation will directly cripple human power, communication and navigation systems, and the world will fall into chaos; when the atmosphere disintegrates, it will cause disturbances to the entire earth’s atmospheric system, such as flash floods, extreme droughts, and then frequent geological disasters; disaster is gradually transmitted, and the creatures on earth seem to be extinct. If so, the earth will indeed become a dead planet like Mars in the future.

Do you feel a chill down your spine when you see this moment? These disturbing possibilities are just speculation. Furthermore, these presumptions are also predictive models of the future based on human knowledge of the very limited detection and acquisition capabilities of the present world.

As more information is learned, erroneous speculation can be discovered, and by then, it can be seen that today’s worries have been completely overwhelmed. Plus, there’s plenty of good news to look forward to. In recent years, when people explore Mars, they have accidentally discovered evidence of the existence of water on the surface, people are also actively researching that Mars can be built a future habitable planet. Start preparing for immigration.

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