HD photo of a disk-shaped UFO is captured in Mexico

The “high resolution” photo of a UFO emerging from a cloud in Mexico has been published. This caused great controversy since the quality of it is so high that it leaves no room for doubt.

The high-resolution photo shows a disk-shaped object moments before disappearing into space. The object is extremely similar to those shown in movies and series, which has generated some controversy.

High resolution photo of a UFO

Juan Manuel Sánchez  was responsible for taking the photograph, which was shared on national television in Mexico. Since then, it has gone viral on social networks and internet portals.

Although it is a  high resolution photo  , the skepticism of some people about the image is genuine. Some believe it to be an optical effect, others a camera glitch, a natural phenomenon, or simply a  hoax .

In the British newspaper, Daily Star, Juan, a car mechanic, said he saw the strange object fly while he was trying to photograph  a storm  that was approaching his community. It was taken with his cell phone and, clearly, the disk shape is seen against the dark clouds.

Sánchez defended himself against skeptics, offering his account of the sighting outside his home in the city of Valle Hermoso, on August 17, to  the RTV television channel .

His story was  corroborated  by his wife and some co-workers, who were also witnesses. All reported that the object was shot moments later into space.

He also added that he was disappointed that he couldn’t take a video, but his camera was in photo mode. He only captured  the images that he could  before the UFO disappeared.

The mechanic admitted that he was concerned about going public with his sighting because  he feared the stigma attached  to UFO witnesses.

The best UFO photograph in history?

Unsurprisingly, the authenticity of the high-resolution photo remains unclear. Still, the mechanic is convinced by what he saw.

If we rule out that it is a montage, it is clear that the photo of Juan Sánchez could be perfectly considered among the  best images of a UFO  in all of history.

In fact, it rivals photos taken by 2 hikers in the Scottish Highlands, over 30 years ago. This image is known as the “Calvine Photograph,” and it shows a large diamond-shaped object in the sky and a Harrier fighter jet in pursuit.

This was considered the best UFO image in history, and was found years after investigation by academic and journalist David Clarke.

Regardless of which is or is not the best UFO photograph in history, there is no doubt that Juan’s is a high resolution photo. And in it a UFO is observed in detail among some storm clouds.

Here is a video of another great UFO sighting:

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