Warning! Spoilers for Iron Cat #4 by Marvel ComicsIn the latest story where Iron Man’s tech has fallen into the wrong hands, the villain Madame Menace has taken over multiple suits of armor, including a Hulkbuster armor, which she intends on using to take down Tony Stark and Black Cat. In Iron Cat #4 by Marvel Comics, Madame Menace attempts to set off numerous Stark-engineered nuclear reactors to melt down, leading Iron Man, Black Cat, and Iron Cat to try to take her down. However, that’s easier said than done, as the A.I. villain has gained access to some of Stark’s most impressive armors, including a Hulkbuster.

In the current Iron Cat series from Marvel Comics, Black Cat’s ex Tamara Blake, who has taken the Iron Cat armor, has tried to get revenge on the antihero for the death of their mentor. However, it turns out that Blake was secretly working with the A.I. villain (and Iron Man’s ex) Madame Menace, who, unbeknownst to Iron Cat, has gained control over Stark-engineered nuclear reactors in her efforts to destroy the planet in her A.I. takeover. So now, Iron Man, Black Cat, and Iron Cat are working together to stop Madame Menance, whose attack got more dangerous after she took control of a Hulkbuster armor.

In Iron Cat #4 by Jed MacKay, Pere Perez, Frank D’Armata, and VC’s Ariana Maher, Madame Menace has taken over multiple suits of Iron Man’s armor as she tries to kill the hero, Black Cat, and Iron Cat. However, after dodging her attacks and seeing Iron Cat get seemingly killed by the A.I. villain, Tony Stark and Felicia Hardy end up being confronted by Madame Menance in her own Hulkbuster armor.

Iron Man Will Face Off Against All Of His Armors, Hulkbuster Included

Iron Man Hulkbuster Madame Menace

While Iron Man and Black Cat are revealed to be remotely operating the armors that Madame Menace and her Hulkbuster confronts, the A.I. villain gaining access to the powerful suit is terrible news for Tony Stark and Felicia Hardy. Iron Man will go to war against every armor he’s ever made in Iron Cat #5, as Madame Menaces’ A.I. can control multiple suits simultaneously. Taking down a Hulkbuster was already a difficult challenge, but stopping every armor he’s constructed will be one of Iron Man’s most challenging battles yet.

Putting Madame Menace offline and stopping her from controlling more armor is priority number one for Tony Stark, as Iron Man is all too familiar with seeing his armor fall into the wrong hands before. However, considering the A.I. villain is about to control seemingly every suit of armor he’s ever built, including his powerful Hulkbuster armor, Iron Man’s mission to stop Madame Menace just got way more complicated.